About St. Geneve

St. Geneve began as a small family business that has established itself in Canadian and American markets over the past few decades. The founder, Michael de la Place, started creating patterns and developing design features over 40 years ago.

St. Geneve bed lines are designed and made in Canada using the highest quality Silk, Giza 70 Egyptian Cotton, Linen and Micro Modal® fabrics, woven by trusted mills in Germany and Italy. Our collections are meticulously hand-crafted, exclusive and exquisite. Our commitment is to provide the highest standard of luxury in bed linens.


There are several pieces of a puzzle that all contribute to the quality of down bedding. These are the down filling, the fabric covering or ticking, the design and the workmanship.

The most comfortable duvets are the warmest and lightest. You will notice the fill weights are lower because the downs we use have tremendous insulating power and puff up to be very thick, yet very lightweight. This is made possible by our expertise in design and the choice of mature downs with light loft, density, and clinging ability.

All our luxury style down proof coverings are made with genuine Egyptian Species Cotton, which are milled in Germany. Germany is work famous for weaving the finest down proof cloths, and we have had a long relationship with one of Germany’s best mills. This mill has been making down proof ticking for generations. They have the expertise to weave and finish fabric that is very lightweight and soft, yet will remain down proof for decades.

For the finest duvets, nothing less will suffice.

Their collections include the best quality products in the areas of:


There is an old Scandinavian tradition. When a woman marries, her parents would give the couple a new down filled duvet and pillows which would have been made by her mother. Part of this tradition had the mother sewing a new coin into the duvet before the final finishing, for good luck all of their days. When we make a duvet, we do the same thing. St. Geneve down filled duvets all have a coin sewn in, in the same spirit of good wishes.


Bed Linens:

St. Geneve bed linens are guaranteed 1 year against any defect in materials and/or workmanship, provided that the care instructions have been followed.

All Guarantees are void if labels are removed.