St. Geneve


St. Geneve duvets are made of the finest down and treated with the “Zurgard” down processing system. The down is sanitized, eliminating bacteria, for enduring cleanliness. Zurgard products are guaranteed to be hypoallergenic. Down duvets come in different weights: winter weight, classic weight, summer weight and dual zone. St. Geneve down filled duvets are guaranteed for 20 years against any defect in materials and/or workmanship. They need to be reasonably cared for and a duvet cover has to be used at all times. 

Below you will find some of the choices offered. Please click for larger images and descriptions.

Eiderdown Cotton

Eiderdown - Cotton-Genuine top of the line, Eiderdown duvet 700+ Loft, covered in a special, light, dust-mite proof, washable, 400 TC, 100% Cotton Jacquard Cover


Embassy-This amazing white goose has the highest quality available in the world. From Poland, it lofts at 1000 and is covered in luxurious 52% tensel/48% cotton.


Estate is a heirloom quality duvet that is exceptionally well priced. The Estate features soft 670 loft Polish white goose down enclosed in our 400 thread count 100 5 cotton cover.


Lajord-Raised by generations of Hutterites, this 850 Loft, white goose down is the most prized of all domestic downs raised in North America. Covered in a 380 TC, 100% Cotton Sateen.

Eiderdown Silk

Eiderdown - Silk-Genuine top of the line, Eiderdown duvet 700+ Loft, covered in 450 TC, 100% Pure Silk Jacquard Cover.


Salzberg-800+ Loft, white goose down imported from Germany, covered in a 380 TC, 100% Cotton Sateen.

James Bay

James Bay - Cotton-700+ Loft, carefully selected wild goose down, covered in a special, light, dust-mite proof, washable, 400 TC, 100% Cotton Jacquard Cover.


The Piatra duvet is filled with the finest 100 % pure Merino wool from Europe. It has an incredibly soft and lightweight feel that drapes perfectly over your body. The moisture control properties of wool ensure a dry restful sleep.


Ziegler-Cozy and warm Ziegler Polish 850 Loft white goose down is regarded as the best of all the grades of farm-raised down worldwide. Covered in a 380 TC, 100% Cotton Sateen.

All St. Geneve duvets are sewn in a sealed baffle box design. The filling is guaranteed to stay in place, and never shift into another compartment, for the life of the duvet. St. Geneve Winter Weight Duvets are guaranteed for a period of 10 years to be warm enough, or St. Geneve will add down at no extra charge, provided that the duvet has been reasonably cared for, and that a duvet has been used at all times. Please note that down CANNOT be removed from a duvet. Lighter weight duvets are NOT guaranteed for warmth. 


Silk Duvets

Silk duvets are a summer light duvet and an alternative for those who find down duvets too warm.

Silk Duvet

The silk duvet is filled with hand-layered wild Tussah silk. This beautiful silk duvet is a fabulous alternative to down-filled duvets. A great summer duvet for those that sleep warm.