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Sheets & Pillow Cases

Thread count is only a part of the equation of quality cotton sheeting. This type of cotton used is extremely important. Egyptian cotton is acknowledged to be the finest cotton in the world as Italy is renowned for their long-standing tradition of weaving. Egyptian cotton fibers are longer and stronger than other types of cotton, so when you see 100% Egyptian cotton you know this is the highest quality.

Below you will find some of the choices offered. Please click for larger images and descriptions.


Woven in Italy with 100% Giza Egyptian cotton. 300 thread count. Available in 100 colours. Shown in sable 476.


Bellino-This is a woven Micro Modal percale in 200 thread count. Micro Modal is a wonderfully soft, light and airy fabric made from the Beechwood cellulose. The thread is made in Austria and woven in Italy. Micro Modal breathes 50% better than cotton ,is soft as silk, and cooler than cotton and long lasting with care.


Camille-½” stripe woven in Israel with 100% long staple cotton. 240 thread count/640 strand count. Available in white.


Cozi-A flannelette in100% cotton from Portugal. These soft flannel sheets will keep you warm and cozy all winter and comes in three colors, cream, Grey and white.


Giovani-This is a percale weave in 100% Giza Egyptian cotton. 250 thread count/500 strand count from Italy. This is a remarkable fabric woven from two strands, twisted together to make two ply threads of exceptional quality. This gives it greater strength and longevity. Available in white or cream with Hemstitch or Bourdon stitch.


An elegant percale of 100% organic cotton. Certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and woven in Germany. Nico is soft to the touch, kind to the environment and is dye-free.


Regency-Woven in Italy with 100% Giza Egyptian cotton. 2 ply and 4 ply 380 thread count/1020 strand count. Available in white and cream.

Serenity Pillowcases

Serenity Pillowcases-A unique blend of silk and cotton protects your hair while you sleep. Your hair will glide over the soft silk surface, minimizing tangles and knots, while the cotton base adds stability. Each pillowcase comes in a gift box.


Venice-Venice is made from 100% Giza Egyptian cotton and woven in Italy. This solid percale weave comes with hemstitch detailing and is available in 10 colours. It features a 299 thread count.

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